Technovative Consulting provides the following services for early-stage and growth-stage start ups with metric ownership:

  • Online and offline demand generation: We help startups create and implement effective marketing strategies that generate demand for their products or services, both online and offline.
  • Sales funnel analytics: We provide insights and recommendations to help optimize sales funnel and improve conversion rates at each stage of the customer journey.
  • Sales cadence setup: We help establish a sales cadence that includes consistent, targeted communication with prospects and customers, ultimately driving more sales and revenue.
  • Growth strategy development: We help identify growth opportunities and develop strategies to capitalize on them, with a focus on sustainable, long-term growth.
  • Actionable customer insight extraction: We help gather and analyze customer data to extract valuable insights that inform business decisions and improve the customer experience.
  • Sales and support contact center operations setup: We assist in setting up efficient and effective sales and support contact centers, enabling them to provide superior customer service and drive sales growth with data driven systems and processes.

Here’s a word of appreciation from one of our happy customers

Fitterfly Healthcare: Fitterfly is a Series-A funded healthcare startup based out of Mumbai offering Digital Therapeutic care solutions. Fitterfly engaged Technovative’s consulting services to chart a hyper-growth strategy through identification of customer personas, positioning and performance marketing based reach-out strategy.

Prasad helped us during a critical growth phase of our journey between April to June 2021 as a growth consultant. The insights, energy and rigor which he brought to the table were amazing and very useful. He pushed the whole team for data led transformation of customer acquisition across various B2C channels and trained the teams for accountability and performance. In addition, the prioritization framework and reporting rigor playout to better metrics was a joy to watch. This was a watershed moment for us and a great learning for me as a co-founder at a busy health-tech start-up.

We would have loved to have Prasad with us fulltime and steer growth for a few more months but even in the short period in which he helped us was extremely valuable for me personally and I am sure helped a lot of other people as well.

Dr. Arbinder Singal, Co-founder & CEO, Fitterfly