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Month: June 2021

Book Review – Deep Work

This short read by Cal Newport makes a very strong albeit a pretty common-sensical case about why blocking explicit time for in-depth work is very important in today’s stimulus driven world and gives some hacks in terms of how to do it well. If you already believe in the power of Deep Work, you can safely ignore the first half of the book and get to the different deep work models right away to identify the model that works the…

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Book Review – Radical Candor

This is a short read highlighting how to inculcate and build a culture of ruthless direct feedback as well as care and empathy within your organisation. This book seemed to have a solution to most of the problems I faced during my managerial journey and has laid down things in a pretty well laid out manner. A must read for anyone who aspires to be a good leader. A quick summary of the key takeaways: Radical candor is the art…

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